Ep. 166 – Cannibalism on Facebook & New Bill Supports Big Tech & MSM Collusion

Ep. 166 – Cannibalism on Facebook & New Bill Supports Big Tech & MSM Collusion

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1 thought on “Ep. 166 – Cannibalism on Facebook & New Bill Supports Big Tech & MSM Collusion”

  1. The government used patent law to protect Bell against competition (a patent Bell got only slightly before Gray under dubious circumstances see link below). You can read “The master switch” by Tim Wu
    Tim Wu also mentions a story about companies selling a hush device (non electric mechanical cup), you could put on the microphone to get some more privacy while yelling in it. Bell argued it affected their network and their repairmen could receive an electric shock and fall done the poles.
    Eventually Bell became so inefficient the government broke it up. But not by abolishing their patent protection. Odd thing is that the baby Bells started putting money in pockets of politicians after the break up and the current company of ATT contains almost all baby Bells. Author argues that ATT in return for their reunion, also gave the government access to user data.
    The master Switch gives a nice overview from telephone/radio/movie industry and how the government always got control. He also described the people just stringing wires over fences and building their own little networks. He argues government will succeed bringing the internet under their control as well.

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