“Propaganda ceases where simple dialogue begins.”  Jacques Ellul, Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes

In the polarized and emotionally charged political environment that currently exists in America, no one is more harshly judged by both sides than critical thinkers and those who dare to question. Yet it is this small minority that leads the fight against the well-funded, highly organized propaganda machine that threatens our liberty and seeks to destroy our constitution. That’s why we must continue to question, continue to vigorously exercise our logical reasoning skills, and continue to remain measured in the face of the emotionally charged propaganda that surrounds us. Our mission with the Propaganda Report isn’t to tell anyone WHAT to think. It’s to promote the type of critical thought that enables us all to defend ourselves against the covert and highly effective propaganda that targets us daily. Most importantly, our mission is to encourage healthy discourse and the exchange of ideas. That’s what’s America was built on and without this ability to truly listen and talk with each other, there is no freedom. That’s what we must fight for.
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