DNB: Volkswagen Apologizes for Racist Ad That’s Not Racist, No Vax No Work, & The Face Mask Litmus Test (5.21.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: Volkswagen Apologizes for Racist Ad That’s Not Racist, No Vax No Work, & The Face Mask Litmus Test (5.21.20)

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1 thought on “DNB: Volkswagen Apologizes for Racist Ad That’s Not Racist, No Vax No Work, & The Face Mask Litmus Test (5.21.20)”

  1. You have a president who is taking our rights away and basically destroying this country but all your energy and hate is reserved for Stacy Abrams A woman who is powerless but you two seem to fear her. why? Where is the anger for Trump and this administration?
    I know she is a globalist shill but so are many others. Why are you so focused on her potentially being a Biden VP pick when there are others who are also being considered. What about Elizabeth Warren or Pete Buttigieg . Why are you just taking shots at Stacy Abrams every show? This woman currently holds no public office. If Biden picks Michelle for VP y’all both probably have an heart attack. And I hope Biden doesn’t pick a black person because I don’t want to see one of my own working for these devils.
    As far is the Ahmaud Arbery Shooting you should know that this is clearly a psyop to rile up black people and to create more division, The shooting is bogus and I doubt it even happened. The whole story sounds ridiculous. Who runs at two guys, one with a rifle and tries to wrestle the rifle from him? Sounds like scripted BS. Why don’t you just tell your listeners that instead of going along with this media farce to create racial tensions. They want to divide us on racial lines so that we don’t come together and fight against the government tyranny taking our rights away.

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