DNB: The Whistleblowers of the Deep State (2019.10.28)

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Originally aired October 12th, 2019 on WSB Radio, Atlanta

The Propaganda Report Podcast: (DNB): The Whistleblowers of the Deep State (2019.10.28)


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2 thoughts on “DNB: The Whistleblowers of the Deep State (2019.10.28)”

  1. I wonder where that EU text came from. I get this from an EU site
    (104) Criminal, civil or administrative penalties are necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the rules on whistleblower protection. Penalties against those who take retaliatory or other adverse actions against reporting persons can discourage further such actions. Penalties against persons who make a report or public disclosure demonstrated to be knowingly false are also necessary to deter further malicious reporting and preserve the credibility of the system. The proportionality of such penalties should ensure that they do not have a dissuasive effect on potential whistleblowers.

  2. 2. Member States shall provide for effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties applicable to persons where it is established that they knowingly made false reports or false public disclosures. Member States shall also provide for measures for compensating damages resulting from such reports or disclosures in accordance with national law

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