DNB: Agent Provocateurs, Conflicting Narratives, & Astroturfed Riots (6.1.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: Agent provocateurs, Conflicting Narratives, & Astroturfed Riots (6.1.20) 

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1 thought on “DNB: Agent Provocateurs, Conflicting Narratives, & Astroturfed Riots (6.1.20)”

  1. This is an orchestrated states sponsored terrorist attack on the black population.

    I believe that these protests were meant to be peaceful and powerful in response to the murder of George Floyd and all Blacks who have been the victims of racism and police brutality and at some point it was hijacked by non-Blacks to further their agendas. Agendas such as recouping money from insurance to cover Covid-19 losses, polarizing support for Trump by showing the “threat of aggressive Blacks/minorities” as riots and looting “threatens white and white adjacent’s livelihoods” and distract citizens while bills and other laws are passed that further suppresses citizens rights. I also believe that there are whites who want to start a race war so that they can legally kill us under the guise of “protecting themselves and their families/businesses”. I wish that more of our youth could see the bs that is going on and not fall for white influence leading them into their plans. There is a video of a white “protester” who keeps trying to recruit Black boys/men into getting a bench to cause further destruction instead of doing it himself.

    Watch this video. It pretty much sums up BLM Antifa and other organizations that are using black people as pawns and cannon fodder.


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