PODCAST: DNB: A Demonstration of Mass Servitude (4.16.20)

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The Propaganda Report: DNB: A Demonstration of Mass Servitude (4.16.20)

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1 thought on “PODCAST: DNB: A Demonstration of Mass Servitude (4.16.20)”

  1. HAHAHAHA. Damn, Monica. I do the same thing. I come at it from an absurdist perspective.

    I’ll start with, “hey…that’s only 5.9 feet”. That gets a laugh every time, (you know, if they don’t throw up their hands and scream). It gets a chat going in the line.

    I pick my spots, tho. If I read the room and it’s a freezer, I keep my shit to myself. At work, the few people that are left are 100% media programmed statists.

    One guy was spitting vitriol at the damned conspiracy theorists who are going to get everyone killed. Meanwhile, he was at work, 3 feet away from me, getting covered in covid and taking it back to his family. Talk about no self awareness.

    I like to think of myself as a freedom and rights fighter…but I may just be a dick.

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