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    I have typically dismissed right wing claims that the government is trying to take the guns away, but then we had a democratic presidential runner announce he would take away people’s guns. My primary reason for not believing this in the past was that law enforcement would be required to go house to house and get shot and killed by the public. It just didn’t seem rational at all. The cat was out of the bag so to speak.

    Then… Virginia. With a democrat majority they are contemplating a law to do just this, and some counties’ sheriff’s offices are saying that they will simply deputize their populations to allow them to continue to carry and defend themselves, thus creating 2nd Amendment sanctuaries. It’s all a bit much.

    I wonder, was this what impeachment was all about? Simply to provide news cover for this move? Or is this just another smoke screen? Or is it a messaging bill that won’t pass? The democrats went so far as to say that the Governor can/should call in the National Guard to enforce the law should the local law enforcement refuse to do so.

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      Monica Perez

      I concluded not too long ago that gun control and gun confiscation were going to be pushed back until “gun violence” was used as an excuse to take away many other rights…this seems to be just what is happening with the “everything but” Republican proposals to take away basically every Constitutional right to fight “mass shootings” in the name of preserving the 2d amendment…they need gun violence to justify a whole host of other things (just as they use the drug war, terrorism and “hate”)…going door to door for the guns and getting cops shot is a great way to escalate the militarization of the police, have them start coming in hot & shooting homeowners who do anything but crawl to the door on their bellies–then what happens? no howeowner will dare have a gun in the house lest they get shot by a cop at the door

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