The laws of economics still function despite the "best of intentions"…

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      Monica Perez

      funny thing is, wind and solar were originally touted as “free” – looks like it will be a ridiculously expensive process to actually convert it into a format we can use in a system created around fossil fuels. (I think of fossil fuels as sunlight anyway – isn’t the story that the sunlight is synthesized into plant matter which rots into oil–or gets eaten by dinosaurs who then rot into oil-then gets used by us as fuel? it occurred to me…photosynthesis is probably a pretty efficient process and if it took 4 billion years to create all that oil and we are going to blow through it in a couple hundred, the ratio is never going to work…on the other hand, the earth is a giant spinning magnet which i believe is the very definition of an electrical generator…maybe there is “free” energy after all – Tesla seems to have thought so)

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        Jack of Herts

        Nuclear power was going to be “too cheap to meter” i.e. electricity would be next to free when the UK opened its first nuclear plant. Somehow that didn’t work out, but we did get lots of material to make nuclear bombs with 🙂


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      People tend to forget that alchemy is indeed possible, it’s just prohibitively expensive.

      [Sarcasm warning] For the “sake of society” why don’t we just have the government subsidize alchemy and provide the gold to the impoverished?   What’s not to like?

      Here’s an article from a few years ago which details the process:

      Fact or Fiction?: Lead Can Be Turned into Gold

      The punchline, as was the case in the article at the beginning of this thread:  It takes about $5000 to produce a particle of gold so minute that special devices are needed to detect its existence.



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