Mining DNA “was always part of the vision” ~23&me

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      For the sake of those who might not be familiar with this fact:  23&Me was co-founded by the ex-wife of Sergey Brin (Google founder)

      So, OF COURSE, DNA mining was always part of the plan.


      Don’t take my word for it, listen to the founder here:  Freakonomics Episode 378

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      Monica Perez

      I saw that – can’t make this stuff up!

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      Jack of Herts

      Amazing that people pay to sign away the future of their offspring. They have your name, address and DNA, once they link that to your salary (not hard, they have your address) then they have everything they need to categorise you as a winner or a loser.

      Great if you’re a winner, not so great if you’re one of the bottom 50%

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      By the way,  to give DNA miners all the help they need, 23&Me kits are FSA-eligible (as of 2019).   So, they government is subsidizing the cost of your voluntary contribution to the DNA databases.



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