Mass Texting

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    Interesting….at our local elementary school, for years during the first week of school, administrators would send text message alerts to parents (with permission) alerting them when school buses had left the school to bring children home.  During the first week(s) of school, bus loading understandably tends to run a little slower and routes are often altered to accommodate students’ needs.   To save parents from worry and unnecessary wait, these messages were quite useful at best and superfluous at worst.

    This year the school district sent out an e-mail stating “Due to a Federal Communication Commission (FCC) ruling, neither…schools nor other organizations are able to directly text groups of people en masse. ”

    The e-mail didn’t identify the ruling being referenced but I suspect that it was under the guise of preventing spam texting.   It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to recognize that there may be other reasons why the FCC would institute such a blanket ban.



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