It’s fascinating how language changes….

Welcome Deep Dives Social Engineering It’s fascinating how language changes….

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    There are a number of terms which seem to be taking on new meanings before our very eyes and ears.  For example:

    “bully” means a person who says something that you MIGHT find offensive/distasteful

    “conspiracy theorist” means a person who points out that a certain prevailing narrative hasn’t been proved thus rendering any and everything else that they say invalid



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      Jack of Herts

      True. “Fascist” now means “Not wanting what the far left wants”

      “Conservative” means “Social democrat”

      “Progressive” means “Taking ideas that have been tried, tested and failed many times and pretending that those attempts were not valid and that this time will be different”


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      Lioness of God

      Haha yes and “new normal” now constitutes for a total disregard to all rational thought.

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