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    I can’t find the video, nevertheless, countless sources are reporting using hotels for covid-19 patients. When I heard it, I remembered the first person listed as a player in event 201 is Latoya D. Abbott, the Senior Director of Global Occupational Health Services for Marriott International. Let’s see how many Marriotts are used if this comes around. And I wondered, are these facilities prepared for this in their designs; maximum lock down and surveillance features (like prison)…?

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      Hotels are not really equipped, and they are not equipped in several different ways. First, most hotels only have cameras in hallways, and not in rooms. Second, the HVAC systems do not sterilize the air in most hotels as the recent legionnaires outbreak in Atlanta shows. This HVAC problem is a VERY big and not often considered issue. If a bed is close to a return, and an infected person coughs? Whoops. Third, hospitals have much larger hallways to allow for easy passage of medical personnel, equipment, and patients. I sometimes struggle to make it around housekeeping with my luggage in hotels.

      I hope I have outlined this well enough, but in summary, No. Hospitals are not prepared or suited for hospital style use.

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