ABC News ‘regrets’ using fake video of ‘Kurdish civilians being slaughtered’

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    Jack of Herts

    ….that was really a gun range in Kentucky

    ABC News ‘regrets’ using fake video of ‘Kurdish civilians being slaughtered’ that was really a gun range in Kentucky

    In 2016 ABC had a story warning of, you guessed it, fake news

    “Much of this reporting is not necessarily an attempt at deception, but rather interpretation of available facts in a way that differs from the mainstream,” he wrote in Forbes, teasing out different reasons it can be so difficult to label fake news. “Perhaps the best approach might be to recognize that instead of ‘fake’ and ‘true’ news, we have a hundred shades of gray in between.”


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      You know, this general modus operandi of the media is pervasive.  Most examples aren’t quite as obviously egregious as this but we (as the public) have been conditioned to:

      1. Accept that video footage is the end all, be all of evidence
      2. Accept the narrative the media-provided narrative that accompanies the video footage “explaining” to viewers what they are seeing

      Time and time again we see video footage presented in which the commentator explains context that wasn’t apparent in the video (what happened before or, in some cases, the mindset of one of the subjects of the video).

      So whether the footage was recorded in Syria or in Kentucky is a MINOR detail relative to their EXPLAINING the accompanying narrative that they want you to accept.


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      Jack of Herts

      Growing up in the UK BBC news was fact based only. There were opinion shows but they were not called “news”.

      You got 30 minutes a night, and it was read by a journalist who’d spent hours looking at the stories of the day, fact checking and writing the news. If he showed bias there’d be a phone call and he/she’d get a warning that this was news. This meant you could trust most of what they said (obviously there was govt propaganda especially during war time).

      Now it follows a pattern of 30 seconds of what happened (heavily edited) followed by 3 minutes of what you should think about it, including what third parties will think about it. It’s unwatchable guff.

      We need to get back to facts only on news.

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