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    First point. Traditional polls are not how people that matter and who care measure pubic sentiment. With the open source media available (or NSA) a technophile out of H.S. could right a program to gather far better data than polls to measure current public sentiment, discussion, and behaviour.

    Why is this relevent?

    The outcome of 2020 POTUS selection is not up for grabs. Trump will win and the demonrats are doing everything they can to assist. Using C19 and urban violence run wild to create fear. Intended to push all sane people to what they perceave as the law and order choice. Biden will ensure he is not seen as this option.

    Set crazy expectations like:

    Defund the police 100%
    *CA Teachers Unions demands police defunded, charter schools closed, and all african americans get free college. If not – no school should open in LAUSD. *

    Lock up the streakers. Streakers…you know, the people who dont wear masks.

    No work, stimulis checks will have run dry by Nov.

    Election night will feature Stacey A. on FOX news demanding the election results not be certified. Ballot fraud TRUMP CHEATED BECAUSE HE IS WHITE SUPREMACIST. No proof needed becasue everyone in the months leading up to the election provided all thier credibilty into BLM legitamacy. PEPSI, NFL, etc.

    Trump wins and all hell will break loose.

    Under this scenario all current events fit in tightly. I am praying I am wrong…


    PS. The fact that one Union is demanding another union be defunded is a first in American contemporary politics. This is an important milestone being overlooked at our peril.


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