Drivetime Prop – Military Neurotechnology, Ferguson Anniversary, Gun Control, Facebook Offers MSM Millions (2019.08.09)

Responsible use of military neurotechnology, gun control, red flag laws, universal background checks, P.T. Barnum and Politics, assault weapons ban, Floridian steals gun during orgy, Ferguson anniversary, Brookings says “there are not two sides”, Facebook offers msm millions to collude, FBI wants data dragnet on Facebook. Donate, Subscribe, Share with your friends. Help us keep … More

Republicans Lobby for Basic Income Payment & Carbon Tax

This article was originally published on February 11, 2017, but since the out-of-nowhere candidate Andrew Yang is bringing this “message” to the fore, I thought it would be good to remind readers that advocates of centralized power on both sides of the aisle advocate this–they are united in this–you have been warned! (This is part … More

Deep Tech

Deep Tech: A Conversation with Cory Here is my first attempt at launching a non-celebrity guest interview series where I pick the brains of people I find interesting but you’ve probably never heard of! Enjoy! Here’s the article we referred to in the conversation – it’s not about Deep Tech but it is deep! Fox … More