James Comey Unfiltered (Parody) (Video)

Parody. (PG-13) In this exclusive interview, James Comey reveals the truth about his relationship with President Obama, his reason for writing his new book A Higher Loyalty, what he misses most about the FBI, his biggest weakness, the Vince Foster investigation, and what the Russians actually did tape. If you like this video, give it a like on Youtube and subscribe to my channel.


Calling My Senator Using The New Resistance Call Script! (Video)

Indivisible, the driving force behind the Trump Resistance Movement, encourages its followers to call their Senators and complain about whatever the issue of the day is. To make this easy, they provide DAILY call scripts. I received a new script in my email today so I followed orders and called my Senator using it to complain about the skinny repeal bill. I stuck to the script verbatim regardless of how the other person responded. Here’s how it went.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gatucwjWZS8]
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Call Script
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(Video) (Parody) Debate #3 Between Jon Ossoff & Karen Handel for the GA 6th District Congressional Seat

With less than two days to go before the Georgia 6th district special election, Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel battle it out in one final debate.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27K1iPaEvE4]
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Jon Ossoff – The Perception VS. The Reality


With early voting for Georgia’s 6th district special election beginning today, many in the district will cast their vote for someone the public knows next to nothing about, Jon Ossoff. For a candidate who’s only 30 years old, Ossoff’s campaign makes a lot of bold claims. His supporters should know that a number of these claims conflict with reality.

Personally, I don’t think the truth about Ossoff and his family will matter in the minds of his supporters. I believe most of them support Ossoff only because they hate Donald Trump. Their rabid hate is so strong that they won’t care that Jon Ossoff’s campaign is deceiving them by mis-representing the truth. With that said, here are some of Ossoff’s claims, followed by the reality.

CLAIM – Jon Ossoff is a small business owner, executive, and entrepreneur, an investigative documentary filmmaker who exposes political corruption. He knows what it means to grow a company, meet a payroll, and balance budgets. 

This creates the perception of a candidate who has endured the entrepreneurial struggle, who knows how to build and maintain a successful business.  

REALITY – Ossoff graduated from the London School of Economics in 2013. That same year he became CEO of Insight TWI, the documentary film company he “runs.” Ossoff didn’t endure the entrepreneurial struggle to build this company. He bought 50% ownership of an already established company using part of his inheritance. 

…..Ossoff comes from a wealthy Atlanta family, a fact that shouldn’t hurt him in the well-heeled Sixth. When his grandfather died, Jon Ossoff found himself with an inheritance……….“I thought [my grandfather] would be proud for me to use some of those resources to invest in growing a company whose work I believed in.”

To relate Ossoff’s family wealth to that of the average person in the 6th distract is misleading. The average family in the sixth district doesn’t pay the $20,000 – $23,000 tuition per year to send their kid to the Paideia School, nor do they ride around the world in their private yacht. The substantial Ossoff family wealth, which is more Donald Trump like than it is 6th district like, is another subject for another time.

To call Insight, the company Ossoff invested in, a “growing company” is also misleading. This makes it sound like Ossoff was taking a risk with an unknown company. The company had been around since 1991. It’s founder was Rob McCullagh, a well-known and award winning, BBC journalist. He still owns 50 percent of the company. Long before Ossoff ever got involved, the company had already produced a number of Emmy award winning documentaries. This wasn’t a risk for Ossoff. This was a well-established company, with a well-known founder, that had already achieved substantial success. Plus Ossoff is only 50 percent owner, so he only shoulders a portion of what little risk there might be.

Ossoff didn’t build this company. He threw some play money into a company that produces investigative documentaries that expose corruption. In other words, he made a low-risk investment in exchange for a title that looks good on his political resume.

This isn’t an example of someone who took risks and endured the entrepreneurial struggle. It’s an example of how the privileged child of an elite used old money to buy unearned credibility.

To present Ossoff as an entrepreneur who knows how to build a business is intentionally deceitful. Plus, you don’t suddenly become an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker overnight despite having no education or experience with either.

CLAIM – His experience will help him create jobs and turn ATL into an economic powerhouse. Jon will work to level the playing field for small businesses so they can grow and create jobs that will empower Georgians. 

REALITY – The company Ossoff bought into is located in the United Kingdom. If he wanted to turn Atlanta into an economic powerhouse then why didn’t he invest his inheritance into an Atlanta based company? Why didn’t he stimulate Atlanta’s economy and help create jobs there? Why did he choose instead to stimulate the economy of the United Kingdom by buying a foreign company? Why should anyone believe that Jon Ossoff is going to do anything to help Atlanta’s economic system when he was already in a position to do so and instead, he choose to help a foreign country’s economic system?

Here’s another interesting fact about the company Ossoff partially owns. A month after Ossoff bought Insight News in 2013, his dad founded a non-profit in Atlanta called The World Investigates. Insight News was then renamed to Insight TWI (The World Investigates). This is interesting for a few reasons. One is that it associates Insight with an Atlanta address. This enables Ossoff and his campaign to create the false perception that he’s an Atlanta business owner. Another is that Stafford Publications, the company Ossoff’s dad runs, teaches corporations and non-profits how to master the tax code. His dad, Richard Ossoff, has founded a long list of corporations and non-profits in Georgia and around the country.

Donald Trump famously spoke about being able to, within legal bounds, game the tax system. The Ossoff family appears to at the very minimum have the skills, knowledge, and resources to do this better than even Trump.

CLAIMJon will work in Congress to reduce the tax burden on small businesses and simplify small business tax filing.

REALITY – As previously mentioned, his dad’s company, Strafford Publications teaches seminars to help corporations and non-profits “master the tax code.” If Jon Ossoff simplified the tax code, he’d undermine one of the core income drivers of his dad’s company.

CLAIM – “I’ve got 5 years of experience as a national security staffer in the U.S Congress. I held a National Security clearance.” 

REALITY – Ossoff held the security clearance for only five months. He obtained the clearance because he was otherwise prevented from attending briefings with Hank Johnson, his boss. In other words, he wasn’t granted clearance to fight corruption like his ads claim.

This is a classic case of lying by omission. When Ossoff makes this claim the way that he makes it, he is well aware of the false perception that it creates in the minds of those who hear it. This is no accident. This is what politicians do so that when they are accused of lying, they can claim that they didn’t lie. These lies of omission are the most insidious kind. 

CLAIM – The Washington Post Debunked Allegations that Ossoff inflated his resume in regards to his statements about his national security clearance. In the linked video, starting at the 3:24 mark, Ossoff is asked about accusations that he inflated his resume. Ossoff responds by saying that the claims have been debunked by the Washington Post.

REALITY – Ossoff is either knowingly lying, or someone misinformed him as to what the Washington Post concluded because they did not debunk this claim. The Post clearly wanted to debunk the claim…but they couldn’t. Here’s what they ultimately concluded.

“Would an ordinary viewer understand that Ossoff’s clearance was for less than half a year? Not very likely. Moreover, declaring himself a “senior national security staffer” is also bit too much résumé puffery. Technically, Ossoff walks a very careful line. But the overall impression is misleading enough to merit a Pinocchio. One Pinocchio.”

That’s hardly a debunking.

CLAIM – Jon will introduce legislation to reform campaign finance laws and reduce the toxic and corrupt impact of money in politics. He is opposed to the Citizens United decision allowing unchecked, anonymous money in politics.

REALITY – His mom is president of NewPowerPAC, a super pac.

What are the odds that Jon Ossoff is going to implement policy that goes against the interests of an organization his mom is president of? Are we to believe that Ossoff is going to implement policy that undermines not only his dad’s company, but also his mom’s company?

If you buy that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

To find out more about Ossoff and his mysterious father,

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And Be sure to check out this Jon Ossoff Parody Campaign Ad

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR154RROW0k&w=560&h=315]

(Video) Jon Ossoff, Climate Crusader Ad (Parody)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR154RROW0k]
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This Jon Ossoff ad is a parody. However, his parents do ride their private Yacht around the world. See the links below for more details.
To hear more about how the perception of Jon Ossoff does not match the reality listen to episode 42 of the Propaganda Report Podcast by going to the link below.
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"I could really use an Odd Couple right now."

“I could really use an Odd Couple right now,” said my eleven-year old son after a bad day–and my heart sang!

I heard a Jay Dyer recently say that he was nostalgic for things he wasn’t even alive for. I have expressed the same sentiment myself. I look back at the innocence of times past – not that there weren’t terrible injustices resulting from privilege and prejudice – but those were times when at least the existence of objective right and wrong was acknowledged, aspired to and rewarded. Dignity, respect for oneself and others, charity, honesty in business, were expected not derided. A profound sense of loss grips me when I reflect upon seeing our culture change in many (though not all) ways for the worse, and when I see old movies or TV shows, or old styles of dress and decor, I am overcome with what my father, when he got choked up, would call with masculine restraint, “extreme nostalgia.”

I think this feeling is what has me loving mid-century modern furniture and watching ’70s shows. Paradoxically, these styles were the new styles, the harbingers and catalysts of the change I am lamenting, but they remind me of a time of innocence where you see “modern women” still expressing a profound femininity (and in fact a sort of ancient feminism) they don’t even know they were meant to usher out.

My father, on the other hand, hated all things modern as he recognized them for the portents they were. But I myself am conflicted. I love femininity and masculinity, but I am also well-aware that my mother was trapped by a role that nearly crushed her (nine kids, little money, no help and nowhere to turn) and that I am not; I am a libertarian (not a libertine), who acknowledges and respects the rights of individuals to love whom they choose and hope they conduct their relationships in mutually respectful ways that are good for themselves and their communities; and I’m an individualist who abhors the evil of government-enforced segregation and all the other laws then and now that mandate, by use of force, different treatment for different people based simply on what group into which they were born.

Perhaps I love those transitional styles and shows because they symbolize elements of both worlds–the good from the past and the good from the present. But waves of sadness overwhelm me when I recognize that exposing the ills of the past was merely a device used by a subversive shadow elite to do away with the elements of our culture that made us strong and kept their power in check, while corrupting the new by taking liberties to grotesque extremes (for example, by promoting objectified sex and reckless drug use) possible only when consequences are disconnected from behavior in no small part by a malevolent welfare state that breaks up families and subsidizes self-destructive lifestyles.

For all my conflicting feelings, however, in the end I adore the moments I can recapture that feeling of old good & new good I get from some of the great shows I grew up on. I have written in the past about Bewitched. Unfortunately, only the first two seasons of that show are worth watching – in the third season it throws the baby out with the bathwater and loses all humor as it abandons the standards of the past for the gratuitous self-righteousness of the counter-culture. The Odd Couple, in contrast, just gets better every season. The TV show was funnier than the movie and the series itself improved every year. And boy did we need a laugh back then–the ’70s were not for wimps! Granted, I wasn’t tuning in for the original broadcasts, but even the reruns I was raised on brought unbridled mirth to our resource-strapped and over-crowded little home.

I think it would have done Tony Randall’s heart good to know that, and how I wish I had told him when I had the chance! I was once at an event at Madison Square Garden and Mr. Randall was there. My husband urged me to go shake his hand but as one New Yorker to another, I couldn’t bring myself to intrude on a stranger, even a famous one. Now, though, I wish I had told him how much joy he brought our often heavy hearts. (Another Odd Couple near-miss occurred when my sister and I were working at a restaurant in Nyack, NY, on New Year’s Eve. Jack Klugman and his son came in looking for a table and didn’t want to wait. My sister, the hostess, told them how much we loved Oscar Madison, but that it wouldn’t be fair for the other customers who had been waiting. Boy did I admire her for that! She wasn’t being a jerk, she just couldn’t bring herself to bestow privilege over justice. What a woman! What a New Yorker!)

But I digress…

My son’s favorite Odd Couple scene: Felix mortifies Oscar in the subway with Henry Hanky.

Even today, I enjoy Randall and Klugman in their iconic roles. I happily discovered The Odd Couple on MeTV and noticed my kids drifting in front of the television whenever I turned it on for myself. I still laugh uncontrollably at the gags–that Felix really tickles my funny bone! It’s such good, clean fun. So clever, so comical!
Murray the Cop is another one who cracks me up. One day we were watching and I said, I wonder what happened to Al Molinaro after The Odd Couple and Happy Days. I wonder if his weight got him. So I wiki’d the actor only to find he lived to the age of 96! But he sold his career short because he refused to appear in movies or shows that used foul language: A man has to live with himself, he said. Gotta love it. (This may sound hypocritical because I use foul language beyond what I could ever justify, but I sure do admire a person with standards and integrity!)

This is the kind of cultural nuance I love and miss, though I was only present for its passing not its prime. I get saddest thinking that our standards, our culture–silly and TV-oriented as it already was when I was growing up–is being overwhelmed by extreme violence, unloving sex and pervasive rudeness. That our children are being raised by screens (not that I wasn’t!) and that those screens are vehicles for what I believe to be the intentional fostering of bad over good, especially upon the most vulnerable of our youth–the lower-income two-parents-working or single-parent kids who are disproportionately influenced by pop culture.

So when I hear my own matrixed kids laughing hard at The Odd Couple, I just smile all over, and when after a bad day, my X-Box-hooked son comes home wanting nothing more than to forget his troubles by watching Felix Unger’s antics, well….my heart sings!