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Ep. 77 – Is the Opioid Crisis A Government Created Plot?

President Trump recently declared the opioid epidemic a ‘public health emergency’ in the United States. While this focused national attention on America’s deadly drug addiction, the opioid crisis hasn’t spiraled out of control because of a lack of government intervention. It’s spiraled out of control largely BECAUSE OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. Bad government policy like the war on drugs has lead to the creation of illegal black markets where the deadly narcotic drug fentanyl is being laced into the drug supply at an increasing rate. Drug addicted users who believe they’re buying painkillers, cocaine, heroin, or other opiates, are actually getting heroin laced with fentanyl, cocaine spliced with fentanyl, or fentanyl death pills (pain killers disguised to look like Oxycotin, Percocet or Xanax, but are actually made with fentanyl). The results of the dangerous drug combination has been deadly, In the past three years, the fentanyl death toll has risen by 540%.
If that’s not bad enough, government rehab programs offered through medicaid enables drug users to live a drug addicted lifestyle free of charge. Medicaid takes care of the bill. Not only will they provide free methadone, enabling users to substitute one dangerous addiction for another, in some states Medicaid will pay for the cab ride over to the methadone clinic. And if that’s not enough, in some cases, Medicaid gives known drug addicts a free card loaded with unlimited government funds and will even transfer the funds directly into the users bank account. This makes it easy for those suffering from heroin addiction or opiate addiction to fund their lifestyle without any income.
If the powers that be wanted to win the war on drugs they wouldn’t be talking about creating more poisonous policy, they’d be getting rid of bad policy that nurtures this opioid epidemic. But solving the drug problem would threaten the power and profits of those who thrive of off keeping Americans down, which makes you wonder if this opioid crisis we’re facing is not accident. With the problem spiraling out of control, it’s time that we seriously ask, is the opioid epidemic a government engineered crisis?
[amazon_link asins=’0970312598,193543926X,0806114576,0805067892′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’propagandarep-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’e2e4be9f-c939-11e7-bcb5-917b258298f3′]On today’s episode of the Propaganda Report podcast, we explore that question, talk about how those in power exploit America’s drug problem for their own benefit, look at the problem through a libertarian lens, and we take calls from those who are currently struggling to overcome addiction, those who have lost loved ones to drug overdose, and those whose stories of survival remind us that even in the darkest of times, nothing is more powerful than hope.
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Calling My Senator Using The New Resistance Call Script! (Video)

Indivisible, the driving force behind the Trump Resistance Movement, encourages its followers to call their Senators and complain about whatever the issue of the day is. To make this easy, they provide DAILY call scripts. I received a new script in my email today so I followed orders and called my Senator using it to complain about the skinny repeal bill. I stuck to the script verbatim regardless of how the other person responded. Here’s how it went.
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Neo-Cons have always wanted "some form of national health insurance"

Neoconservatism1“Some form of national health insurance” was a critical piece of the “conservative welfare state” laid out by Kristol…the conservative welfare state is laid out in part 1 of my expose, the national health insurance piece is laid out in part 2…
Neo-Conservatism the Autobiography of an Idea, part 1
Neo-Conservatism the Autobiography of an Idea, part 2

At Last! The "Conservative Welfare State" We Always Wanted!

When I tell people about the father of the modern GOP, Irving Kristol’s book, Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea, about his successful efforts over the years to transform the Republican party into a “truly political party” that did not worry so much about balancing the budget as controlling it, they are often shocked. But it’s true and he lays it all out in his book (which I summarize here.)
Well friends, as the “conservative” Heritage Foundation first envisioned, and Republican Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney first implemented, President-elect Trump’s choice for Health and Human Services, Tom Price, is ready to bring home the crown jewel of the “conservative welfare state” laid out with crystal clarity by Irving himself:

The basic principle behind a conservative welfare state ought to be a simple one: Wherever possible, people should be allowed to keep their own money—rather than having it transferred (via taxes) to the state—on condition that they put it to certain defined uses.

My whole review of Kristol’s plan is a must-read, but the above passage is on point for today’s reveal. The Wall Street Journal today reported that Donald Trump put up Georgia Congressman Tom Price to head the Department of Human Services. I found this an interesting choice because if he actually effects an end to federal funding of abortion, as he says he wants, I will be amazed. The Malthusian overpopulation theory is the cornerstone of the globalist justification for a world government and I don’t see that concept losing ground anytime soon, especially given the massive funding increase coming down the pipe for all that and more, which Price would oversee.
As I read more, however, I saw immediately that Price (and perhaps Trump himself) are here to finally implement the vaunted “conservative welfare state.” Compare the above quote with this one from Price:

Mr. Price has championed his own legislation, the Empowering Patients First Act, since 2009, taking a position on a number of hot-button issues for conservative health policy thinkers. In its latest iteration, the proposal includes refundable, age-adjusted tax credits for people to buy insurance if they don’t have access to coverage through an employer or government program. People in a government program, such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, would also be allowed to opt out of it and get tax credits toward the cost of private coverage instead.

This is my whole problem with “repeal and replace” rather than “repeal” – it serves the neoconservative big government agenda all too well. Mandate social spending, just force the taxpayers to do it and make sure it funnels through your cronies‘ coffers. Nice.
It’s an insidious trap for libertarians to embrace “privatized” government programs. If government requires taxpayers to spend money a certain way or if government itself is the only customer, it’s a government program that now folds in profits and privileges bestowed to private cronies–it is not free market.

More from Kristol:

If the Republican party were capable of thinking politically–i.e., thinking in terms of shaping the future–it would realize that its first priority is to shape the budget, not to balance it. Then it could go to the electorate with the proper political questions: How do you want the budget balanced? By more taxes for more governmental services? Or by lower taxes, lower governmental expenditures and incentives for the citizen to provide for his own welfare.

The conservative welfare state may be the flipside of President Peace Prize’s humanitarian wars, or like a caller once said to me, “The Democrats will never get our guns. It’ll take a Republican to do that.” The parties are best at giving their constituents the opposite of what they want because only they can keep the rabble on their side quiet.
All this time I had been worried about Killary silencing the anti-war left in service of the Endless War, but what I should have been worried about was a President Trump getting right-cover for even Bigger Government and paradigm-shifting debt. As yesterday’s Journal foretold–it’ll take a Republican to lead us into the coming debt-to-GDP no-man’s land:

Republican lawmakers may stomach larger deficits from a Republican president, but signs of tension are emerging as President-elect Donald Trump looks poised to stand by promises to slash taxes while spending more on big-ticket items, such as infrastructure and the military.

Bank stocks are already rallying at the prospect of ever-increasing national debt and rising interest rates…funny how it always ends up that way.