PODCAST: The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire with Charlie Robinson

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Bug-Out Books

Tweep-sourced booklist for The Coronatime Lockdown and beyond….books you want to hunker down with, books to help you survive in the wilderness, books to help you understand what this is really all about…an organic list of all who answered the call for recommendations…. 1984, George Orwell 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, Jordan … More

Coincidences Happen….Lamarck v. Darwin

I find the “coincidence theory” or “accidental theory” of history preposterous. In my opinion, you need a tinfoil hat if you’re crazy enough to think that history is accidentally marching toward all the power and money being concentrated at the top. It seems clear to me that power exists in the world, it is used … More

Two New Books for The Bookshelf

Binkley and I have a bookshelf for your perusal or if you are thinking of buying a book and want to know if we’ve come across it and have anything to say about it, search for it alphabetically by author or in the search box. We have quite a few on the shelf already, but … More