DNB: “You’re Stupid. No, YOU’RE Stupid.” (2019.12.03)”

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The Propaganda Report Podcast: DNB: “You’re Stupid. No, YOU’RE Stupid.” (2019.12.03)


Fun World (Tim Lucas Quote) Tease from Barry Mills on Vimeo.

Fun World FULL Pilot

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3 thoughts on “DNB: “You’re Stupid. No, YOU’RE Stupid.” (2019.12.03)””

  1. Interesting article on NATO but I think you’re missing several points :

    1) Yes the US isn’t going to cut back on military spending. They could, however, move equipment and troops out of EU countries. The withdrawal of British troops and equipment from the Rhine over the last 20 years has been significant – we removed over 50,000 men which cost the German economy over 2 billion Euros per year (plus of course the additional military spending)

    2) The EU isn’t interested in NATO because NATO prevents their expansionist aims in the East. The EU has already set up an EU police force, they are in the process of setting up a combined EU military force over which they (not the nations) will have control

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