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Join co-hosts Monica & Brad as they pull back the curtain and use the mainstream media itself to expose the truth behind the propaganda. The Propaganda Report’s weekday show, The Drivetime News Blast, brings listeners news of the day from a perspective of truth, liberty & justice. The Propaganda Report proper brings listeners fascinating interviews with principled thought-leaders and experts in fields of interest essential to those seeking the truth about the parasites-that-be or simply pursuing an autonomous and independently healthy lifestyle. Interview topics include agorism, permaculture, homesteading, bitcoin, deep history, and the activities of the “Bigs,” from Big Pharma to Big Philanthropy & everything in between.

You can find all of this free content right here or on your favorite podcasting platform. For additional content including deep dives, exposés of the conspirators themselves conspiring in plain sight, fun livestream events like cocktail parties and zoom parties, subscriber-only Q&A, and much, much more, please consider subscribing to our premium content on patreon or to our deep dive videos on rokfin. If you don’t care for patreon and would like a custom plan for premium content, or would like to become a Propaganda Report sponsor, please contact us at thepropagandareportpodcast@gmail.com.


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May 2022 Newsletter

Big Changes to The Propaganda Report As most of you have already heard, the month of May brings big changes to The Propaganda Report. Increasing personal demands have made it impossible for Monica to do a full-length show in real time every day for the foreseeable future, therefore, she is cutting back on how much … More