Ep. 99 – Stormy Daniels Is Lying & How Our Rights Are Covertly Being Taken Away (Originally Aired on 5.12.18 on WSB)

How the Mueller probe, the Cosby trial, #metoo, and other current events are being used to covertly take away our rights. Plus, evidence from Stormy Daniels past suggest that she’s a political operative who is willing to tell lies to further her cause. Is she deceiving the nation? You decide. Show originally aired on May, 12th, 2018 on WSB 750 Atlanta. 
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1 thought on “Ep. 99 – Stormy Daniels Is Lying & How Our Rights Are Covertly Being Taken Away (Originally Aired on 5.12.18 on WSB)”

  1. Something you said about the Georgia law vs federal law reminded me of Mark Anderson’s explanation of how local and state politicians are being coopted by globalist concerns in order to circumvent federal authority as a new form of secession. He called is “glocalism.” You can listen to the discussion on the March 10 episode of The Boiler Room http://www.alternatecurrentradio.com/boiler-room-special-live-show-from-sxsw-festival-texas-usa-ep-150/

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