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Today I received an email from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee informing me that I’ve been selected to participate in a Post-March For Our Lives Focus Group. How exciting!
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Not only that, but the survey is personalized just for me. I feel super special.
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No. I won’t be completing my “personalized survey.” I was going to but then I clicked on the survey and read the questions. Let’s go through them.
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Question One
First of all, how stupid do they believe their supporters are? I truly hope that no one who received this email believes that this is a survey personalized just for them. How could they not be insulted by such a suggestion?
As for the question, Do I support the students who protested for an end to gun violence this past weekend? Of course I support students or anyone who wants to end gun violence, but that’s not what the March for Our Lives protest was for. While many people were deceived into participating on the pretense that it was about ending gun violence, the objectives of the organizers were very different.
The primary purposes of the March for Our Lives protest was to register as many 18-29 year old voters as possible and to integrate these potential voters into the Resistance group through active participation.
That way they will vote for whoever the organizer’s tell them to vote for in November. Promoting anti-gun laws and demonizing anyone who isn’t a progressive were secondary purposes.
Secondly, this question illustrates how these activists are trained to asked questions. Either you answer yes or you oppose ending gun violence. Right off the bat, its obvious this isn’t a real survey, however, it will be used to create the perception that support for this movement is larger than it actually is. I’m guessing I get an email in a few weeks, probably shortly before the April 20th anti-gun protest, that says something like, “95% of Americans polled support the student led fight against gun violence. Do you?”
Question Two
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This is the question that stopped me from completing the survey. I had no problem answering no to the first question because I know it’s a deception. This question, which will also be used to inflate the perception of support the movement has, only gives you one choice. Either you support universal background checks or you support universal background checks. Sorry. No thanks.
Question Three
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No. I don’t. I’m sure everyone else who received this “personalized survey” will answer yes, however. One of the progressive talking points has been that, “the overwhelmingly majority of Americans support these gun laws.” Surveys like this are how they fabricate support for that lie. These are the “Demands” listed in the Women’s March and March for Life resource materials. By sending out narrowly focused surveys like this to people who subscribe to their emails, they can easily fabricate the illusion of mass support. That way instead of having to make an evidence based argument in support of these bills, of which there are none, they can instead make a bandwagon appeal. “Most people want it. Therefore it must be right.” The wisdom of the crowd comes from questions like this.
Question Four
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This is an important question because of its deceptive power. There is no “gun show” loophole. This is a vaguely defined term designed to give people a simplistic understanding of the proposed legislation, and gain their support for it without them having read it or thought about it. Politicians don’t like concrete, well-defined terms because terms like that are limiting and can only be applied in specific situations. Vague terms enable them to flexibly interpret the law, arguing for its application when it benefits them personally or politically, and against it when it does not. The same is true for the term “assault rifle.”
Question Five
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I’m curious how they’ll frame the results of this question. Maybe they’ll have one of their teen puppets report it as, “100% of people surveyed said they want to defeat the evil, murder loving, NRA puppets who refuse to act.”
Question Six
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They don’t even let you refuse to donate!
Well, there you have. That was my “personalized survey” from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

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