Valentine’s Day Cocktail

I chose the Almond Joy Flip (my invention!) for my Valentine’s Day Cocktail for a few reasons…it’s rich and comforting–good for a winter holiday; it’s based on a candy bar –perfect for a holiday celebrated with candy; and it’s a flip–for the one you flipped for!
Here’s how you make it (the brand of the ingredients are crucial, so plan in advance):
1 ounce Koloa Coconut Rum
1 ounce Amaretto di Soronno
1 ounce Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao
1 egg
1 chocolate chip
“Dry shake” the first 4 ingredients (that is shake thoroughly without ice so egg gets creamy.) Add ice to shaker and shake again til cold. Strain into coupe and micro plane the chocolate chip over the top.
This drink is scrumptious and not as sweet as you might think – it’s got a bit of a bite!

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  1. I tried it — it was delicious! I expected it to be very sweet, but it wasn’t. It was perfect. You may add “develops superior cocktails” to your list of talents!

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