Mindless Media Drones Reading The Same Script (Video)

If you’ve ever watched the news and thought to yourself, “I feel like everyone says the same thing”, you’re on to something. The news is highly controlled and often very scripted. Below are just a few examples of broadcasters parroting the exact same scripted talking points.
Conan O’Brien used to do a segment called “Newscasters Agree” that illustrates just how scripted the news is. In the video below, he exploits the media’s craving for a juicy story to see if broadcasters would all parrot the same scripted talking point. Watch the video to see how it turned out.

Here’s a Christmas version of the media parroting the same script titled, “Newscasters Agree: A Christmas Present or Two or Ten”

If you want to see more of these from Conan, do a Youtube search for “Conan newscasters agree” and you can watch video of newscasters repeating the same script all night long!
Here’s a darker example of a newscaster mindlessly sticking to the script. While reporting on the crash of Asiana Airlines in 2013, A KTVU anchor read a list of fake pilot names that a prankster slipped into the daily script.

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