Kevin Spacey's Apology, Pedophilia Normalization, & Conservatives Celebrate BuzzFeed (Video)

Kevin Spacey responds to allegations of sexually assaulting a minor by apologizing, saying that he was probably just drunk, and then coming out as gay. Spacey had no reason to validate the claim. He could denied them. So why did he willingly throw himself under the bus? Here are a few reasons. Thank you for … Read more

Ep. 74 – The False Flag Everyone Ignored – The Peculiar Case of the Kate Steinle Murder

It was the story that launched and validated Donald Trump’s ultimately successful presidential campaign and ignited the national debate on Sanctuary City policy. A 32-year old San Francisco woman named Kate Steinle shot and killed by an illegal immigrant as she walked along Pier 14 with her dad. The alleged shooter Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who has since … Read more


Talking about Bush’s speech & Obama’s…they paint a rosy picture about the worlds they oversaw, but were they really? I haven’t had the stomach to watch this one yet – you know I think this stuff is all psyop – but we might get to it anyway…. Here’s an interesting article about Spencer … Read more

Ep. 73 – Las Vegas Shooting – Behavioral Analysis – What Are Jesus Campos & Sheriff Lombardo Hiding?

CLICK below to listen to episode 73 of the Propaganda Report Podcast. Jesus Campos and Sheriff Joe Lombardo have been at the center of the confusion surrounding the Las Vegas shooting massacre. Today we do a behavioral analysis of Campos tightly scripted interview with Ellen as well as an analysis of one of Sheriff Lombardo’s … Read more

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