McMaster DOES Need Senate Confirmation After All

mcmasterThe circus act that was National Security Advisor Flynn’s record-breaking rise and fall surely had some purpose. My guess was it was to get a controversial pick into the role and when John Bolton was floated as a possible replacement alongside the toxic, scandal-ridden generals Alexander and Petraeus, I thought he was the real choice. Then McMaster happened, which actually made sense because Bolton too is toxic (though not too toxic for Trump–he’ll be back) & like the old Sesame Street skit, in a game of “which one of these four don’t belong,” high profile, polarizing personalities like Bolton, Alexander & Petraeus fit together, while McMaster (who is he again?) is the odd man out. But is he really?
It’s clear McMaster is as Deep State as they go, fitting right in with James Jones’ statement that there’s a clear chain of command for the National Security Advisor, and it doesn’t include the President (or even anyone in the government!) What also fits in about McMaster is that he so clearly violates the principle of civilian control of the military, and as a very high ranking active member of the military, he needs special approval from the Senate the way putting Mattis in as SecDef required an Act of Congress–signing that law by the way was the first thing Trump did after taking the inaugural oath.
As much as the Meaning of Trump in all its fullness continues to elude me, the real number one tell of the insider-in-office was, is and always will be: More War? All signs point to yes.

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    • Dereliction of Duty – I was just reading a blurb about it…he faults the military for kowtowing to the pols who were too worried about the public in Viet Nam–upshot was crazy though…he said the real answer was that to win in Viet Nam would take 500,000 American casualties but the pols couldn’t hack that so they half-assed it and lost with 50,000 useless American deaths. I couldn’t help but wonder if that wasn’t perhaps the better outcome? Anyhoo, if anyone can get into line with James Jones’ comment that the National Security Advisor does not answer to the official government, it seems to be this guy!

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